Monday, October 8, 2012

Core Values.

One day I'll start a company. These will be the core values.

  • Working longer is not working harder. Go home.
  • 40 hours includes the commute.
  • Resist the urge to call a meeting.
  • Consensus is bullshit. Do what’s best for the company.
  • We will not ship shit.
  • If it’s hard to use, it hurts the product, the company, and our reputation.
  • You will do customer service for the products you create.
  • We will work in public. Our code, our designs, and our ideas are not our business. We are our business. Our products are our business. Customers are our business.
  • People are expensive. We will strive to keep individuals working for the customer, and not on the business.
  • Efficiency is everything. We will remove obstructions.
  • We will not celebrate. Every day will be awesome, or we stop what we’re doing and make it awesome. Cake is for gazelles, and we are lions.
  • We will enjoy our work, our products, and our lives. We will make work awesome.
  • We will be lean. We will NOT ignore problems, and we will swarm when issues arise.
  • You are an adult. You will manage your own machine and tools.

And finally.

We trust you. You were hired because you are exceptional in some unique way, and you can add value to this company. You will not dig ditches here, and we will not ask you to do so. You will make mistakes, and so will we, but we’re all adults, and we’ll figure this out.